Three days of Wellbeing – 2016

Between Christmas and the New Year we are offering you, Three Days of Wellbeing, an opportunity to try some taster sessions on Managing Mood, Stress, and Building your Confidence.

These workshops are open to everybody in the community and it’s easy to book your place to sample and learn techniques to help you to improve your future wellbeing.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Managing Mood : 11am – 3pm
Join us at 11am for a presentation on understanding and learning how to recognise variants in your mood, how your mood can be affected by, and also helped by, your thinking patterns. Learn skills and strategies to manage your mood by learning about mood trackers, habit trackers, and how food can affect your mood.
Please bring some lunch with you and join us for lunch 12pm to 1pm. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to learn about journaling and you will be able to make your own Bullet Journal.

Thursday 29 December 2016

Stress Management : 11am – 3pm
There will be a taster session of our Stress Management course at 11am where you will gain a better understanding of stress and the impact it can have. You will be introduced to strategies that can help to manage stress and encouraged to identify a strategy that will work best for you.
We welcome you to bring some lunch and eat with us between 12pm to 1pm. In the afternoon we will be making Jars of Calm which are a useful tool for young and old alike to help ground and calm in moments of heightened emotions.

Friday 30 December 2016

Building Confidence : 11am – 3pm
We are offering the opportunity to experience a taster session of our Building Self Confidence course. You will gain an understanding of the possible causes of low confidence and identify strategies to begin to build your confidence.
Please bring some lunch with you and join us between 12pm-1pm for lunch. In the afternoon there will be craft activities based on positive psychology.

To book your place simply download the following booking form and return it to us, and get ready to a healthier you in 2017.

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