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Northamptonshire Mind

29th May 2020

We are delighted to announce that four Local Mind charities have now merged forming Northamptonshire Mind.

These are: Corby, Northampton & District (includes Brackley, Daventry & Towcester) Rushden, and Wellingborough.

This will enable us in time to share resources, skills and experience to improve quality and breadth of services and become financially sustainable for the long term.

We do not anticipate any interruption to our service delivery and you will continue to see and to use each Local Mind service as you do now.

If you have any questions please do let us know by either talking to us directly through Nigel Mansfield, Chief Executive at Wellingborough Mind 01933 223591 or by emailing

Extraordinary General Meeting

4th May 2020

A members meeting is to be held on Friday 22nd May 2020 to vote on the resolution to merger with other Local Minds within Northamptonshire.

Joining details for the meeting have been communicated with all members, if you have not received joining instruction please email:

A feasibility report has been produced to enable all members to review the process that has been undertaken to get the organisation to this point.

Feasibility Report

The decision made will be reported on this page following the meeting.

Communication Update

28th February 2020

Supported by National Mind, early talks began in 2019 with the management and trustee boards of Kettering, Corby, Rushden, Northampton & District and Wellingborough Mind, regarding a potential merger of all local minds. As the talks progressed Kettering Mind opted to withdraw early on, stating their preference to focus on their own current aspirations, community and services.
The remaining four local minds continued negotiations and recruited an independent consultant to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study; which has since been worked through in great detail resulting in the four local minds signing up to an agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
Therefore, we are delighted to confirm that these four local minds,
Corby, Northampton & District (includes Brackley, Daventry & Towcester), Rushden & Wellingborough
have unanimously agreed to merge to form one larger organisation which we hope to call “Northamptonshire Mind”. We will of course continue to work closely with Kettering Mind and hope to strengthen our formal collaborations in projects, bids and tenders as we move forward.

Together we recognise several potential benefits in having one larger local mind that include:

  • Broadening our reach to parts of the county currently under resourced
  • Building our capacity
  • Combined back office functions and infrastructures
  • Financial security
  • Growth & diversity of services
  • Improved consistency and quality of services for our beneficiaries
  • Long term sustainability
  • Sharing of good practice, skills and expertise

The new organisation will start to come together in the Spring and the full transition will take place over 12 months. We do not anticipate any interruption to our service delivery, and we have clearly stated that we will not be setting out to reduce front line staff, as part of this process.

We will keep you informed of progress and if you have any questions please do let us know by either talking to one of the current leadership team (Sherry, Nigel or Jo) or emailing


Communication Update

October 2019

Throughout this year, trustees and the chief executives of Corby, Kettering, Northampton & District, Rushden and Wellingborough Mind have been involved in discussions regarding the possibility of a potential merger of all Local Mind across Northamptonshire. National Mind supported a process where each Local Mind was asked to consider the potential benefits of merging, in line with their respective strategic plans. Subsequently, Kettering Mind have decided to not continue to be a part of these discussions.

As a valued stakeholder, although in the early stages of the process, we wanted to let you know that Corby, Northampton & District, Rushden and Wellingborough are continuing to explore the possibilities that a merger can offer. We believe that there are several potential benefits to a merger, these include:

  • · Long term sustainability
  • · Building capacity
  • · Financial security
  • · Growth

All four Boards have expressed their commitment to explore all possibilities, risks and positive opportunities of any such merger. We are now committed to the feasibility and due diligence processes to help this exploration, and it is our aim to have a final decision by Dec 2019, with an anticipated operational date of April 2020, currently

If the decision is made to merge it will be because we believe that in bringing the four Local Minds together, we will be stronger together, able to deliver more services, while streamlining relationships with stakeholders across the county.

We will continue to communicate with you throughout the process and would very much welcome any input and questions you may have.